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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Florida Takes A Stand By Passing Two New Human Trafficking Bills!

Right now, ask yourself…“Do I care about victims of human trafficking”? This crime is happening to children, teens, and adults. It is happening to women and men. It is happening to all races and all income levels. Traffickers are not discriminating who they prey on.

Florida has finally taken a stand on human trafficking by passing tougher laws. Floridians are speaking out, and starting to be heard. So long as there are victims of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking we must continue being a loud voice that cannot be ignored! We must push all of America to get tough on trafficking. We must stand together day by day and put a stop to these horrendous crimes. No human being should be subject to slavery of any kind. Every day people are getting away with selling humans for sex and forced labor. This must stop. And Florida is working to make that happen!

Recently there were two laws passed: the SB 1880 and HB 7049. The two bills that were passed will make the prison sentence of traffickers or smugglers, in Florida, longer. It will expand police authority for surveillance and also any seizure of property. It will also support treatment and housing for victims.

The Florida House has passed both of these bills in an effort to defeat Human Trafficking. These bills were passed in honor of all victims of human trafficking. Bill HB 7049, combines current state statues into one and increases penalties attached to convictions. As a result of this bill, tougher sentences will be imposed relating to the victim’s age. It will also give jurisdiction to a statewide prosecutor under the direction of the attorney general; making human smuggling illegal. It requires all traffickers who have been convicted, to be listed as offenders or sexual predators. This means they must register in their county and state. This brings awareness to Human Trafficking and makes Florida one of the toughest states on trafficking.

Now it is your turn, how will you take a stand? Click here to learn how you can get involved!

For more information on these bills go to:

Michelle Morton is a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University and an intern with Beauty From Ashes. Her major is Communication with two minors in Journalism and Intro Disciplinary Studies.

Christa Hicks is the Program Manager for Beauty From Ashes. She majored in Psychology at Florida Gulf Coast University and will graduate, this May, with a Master of Arts (MA) in Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University.


  1. Thank God for your work. I think it leaves people speechless to find out this horror is happening in America. God bless you and I would like to help you all I can.

  2. We love and appreciate help! Go to "Get Involved" and click on "Current Needs" to find out how you can help us! You can also email