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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baptism, Completion of Program, Artreach, Honor Society & More!

SURVIVOR BAPTIZED:  A young woman who gave her heart to Jesus approximately two months ago during a strip club outreach was recently baptized.  Please agree with us and God's Word that He will be faithful to complete that which He has begun in her life.  May she fall in love with her Redeemer, her faith increase and she be set free to be all that God purposed and destined her to be!  

OVER-COMER COMPLETES LONG TERM RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM:  We are pleased to announce that the young woman who was featured on the Tyra Banks Show "Troubled Mother Tries to Change" has changed and completed an 18 month, faith based, residential program and returned to her home state to be a mother to her two children.  BFA had the honor of facilitating her placement and being a part of her healing journey during her season of restoration.  Your generous giving allowed us to provide for her.   Please keep her and her family in your prayers as they acclimate to the new person and mother that she is.  

VOLUNTEER MONTHLY MEETING:  This Saturday, October 2nd 9-1:30, at Barry University,  Room 500-1, BFA will hold our monthly team meeting.  We will be inventorying beauty supply donations and assembling gift and care packages.  If you're interested in volunteering with us, please contact us today.  For a list of areas to serve and our needs, CLICK HERE

ARTREACH - CALL TO YOUNG ARTISTS:  Beauty From Ashes is participating in ARTREACH, a program of the Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships (HTAP).  ARTREACH educates teen girls about Human Trafficking through group art sessions and encourages them to channel their feelings about human trafficking into a creative work of art.  The program location is Bethany Lutheran Church in North Fort Myers, FL, on October 7, 14, 21 & 28,  3-6pm. Class size limit is 12 and open to students, ages 14-18, who have an interest in human trafficking and art production.   There is no cost for this program and participants will be paid for the work they produce.  For more information & to register, please visit website and/or contact Nola Theiss, Executive Director of HTAP at (239) 395-2635.

FAMILY CHRISTIAN STORE DONATING BIBLES to BFA:  The Family Christian Store located at the Gulf Coast Town Center in Fort Myers, FL is making Beauty From Ashes Ministries their ministry of the month for October!  When you give $5 at the store for BFA, they will provide to us a beautiful, purpose leather New Testament outreach bible.  Please stop by Family Christian for all your Christian bookstore needs, give to BFA's need of outreach bibles, and tell them thanks!   

TRAFFICKED:  Find out more about BFA and our work educating the community, advocating for victims and prevention, intervention and restoration programs.  Listen to last week's interview with our founder and over-comer, Julie Shematz, on the radio program Trafficked with guest, a 20+ year expert in human trafficking, Dotti Laster.  CLICK HERE

INTERNATIONAL COUNSELING HONOR SOCIETY:  We are pleased to announce that, BFA CEO, Julie Shematz, currently a full time graduate student at Florida Gulf Coast University, in the Mental Health Counseling Program, has been invited to join the Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society.  After working over 14 years with victims of commercialized sexual exploitation and founding BFA in 2005, Julie made the decision to acquire her master's degree in order to be better professionally trained to more effectively serve the women, children and the public earlier this year.  Congratulations Julie!  

theCALL2XXX:  Join us for weekly global prayer to abolish slavery and for the organizations reaching, rescuing, restoring and advocating for the victims.  Fridays 8-9am EST For more information and prayer guide:  CLICK HERE

PRAYER REQUESTS:  We care for you and have a team that prays over your every need.  Please send them to

DONATIONS:  Your partnership is vital for us to continue providing awareness, advocacy and reach, rescue and restoration services to victims of commercialized sexual exploitation.  Please consider becoming a monthly partner by giving a tax deductible gift today.  For  $35 or more we will send you our  Child of God CD.  For secure online donations, CLICK HERE or mail your check, cash or money order to Beauty From Ashes, 5100 S. Cleveland Ave., Ste, 318-148, Fort Myers, FL 33907.



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