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Thursday, May 6, 2010

ACTION ALERT: Kill the .XXX Domain

Kill the .XXX Domain
Start a War on Pornography Instead

Washington, D.C., May 6, 2010. “The .XXX domain should be killed and a stake driven through its heart so it never rises again,” said Patrick Trueman, former U.S. Department of Justice pornography prosecutor. For more than ten years, the promoter of this new porn domain for the Internet has tried to get the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Internet governing agency, to establish an additional place on the Internet for access to pornography, Trueman noted. “Not one sound argument has been put forward for why the world needs more Internet pornography.”

Trueman said, “What is needed instead of an .XXX domain is a war on pornography.” The public, should call a halt to widespread distribution of pornography because of the terrible harm such material is causing. “There are four major harms from pornography, harm to children, violence against women, addiction to men women and children and increased sex trafficking.” He outlined these harms:

1.) It is causing great harm to children who have easy access to hardcore porn as soon as they are on computers. Also, men looking at porn are deviating to harder and harder material to get a sexual high and many are turning to child porn and child molestation.
2.) Violence against women is now a feature in most hardcore films and this is developing violent attitudes towards women and girls, according to research.
3.) Addiction to pornography is now an untreated pandemic. The brain science research on pornography demonstrates that men are never satisfied with what they see in porn and thus are driven to consume more and more until addiction develops.
4.) Finally, pornography leads many to act out what the see and that is leading to an increase in prostitution. So much prostitution today involves sexually trafficked women and girls. The research on children involved in commercial sex is staggering with studies indicating that approximately 250,000 juveniles are involved in trafficking. Large numbers of foreign and domestic adult women are also trafficked to meet the demand for prostitution.

Trueman also noted that countless marriages are breaking up because of pornography and sexual promiscuity among the young is growing. He cited the new cell phone trend called “sexting” as evidence of promiscuity. “Sexting is primarily a matter of children producing and distributing child pornography,” an exceedingly alarming development in America. Trueman said he believes that kids involved in sexting are steeped in Internet pornography for years before they begin producing and distributing it. Their normal inhibitions have been destroyed, he said.

Trueman is leading a nationwide effort called the War on Illegal Pornography, designed to get the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce Federal laws against illegal pornography. The Department is not enforcing Federal laws that prohibit distribution of hardcore pornography on the Internet, on cable/satellite or hotel/motel pay-per-view TV and in retail shops. The War on Illegal Pornography, Trueman noted is a coalition effort lead by Morality in Media and has more than 50 concerned national and state groups involved to date. A new website called Pornography Harms; has been developed to provide the most accurate peer-reviewed research on the harm from pornography. “Education on the devastating harm from pornography is critical to our efforts to get Federal laws enforced, Trueman said.

To stop the .XXX domain, comments may be emailed to by May 10.
Trueman is the former chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, under Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Contact Patrick A. Trueman, 703-938-1776

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Americans Can't Really Imagine Girls Enslaved Here in the USA

WASHINGTON — Actress Demi Moore on Tuesday said sex trafficking of U.S. children is a domestic issue that should be viewed with a greater sense of urgency.

Actress Demi Moore is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, May 4, 2010, prior to a news conference on domestic sex trafficking of children.

"I think many Americans are more willing to accept that there are girls enslaved in Cambodia or Delhi, and really can't imagine that it's happening right here," Moore said during a panel discussion on the issue at the U.S. Capitol.

Moore said American girls are being bought and sold every day in the U.S. by people who are rarely prosecuted. "It's more profitable and less risky to sell a girl than drugs," she said.

One 17-year-old girl who took part in the discussion with Moore recalled how she was lured into prostitution and sex trafficking at age 11 by a 28-year-old man who took her shopping.

Moore said people are too quick to buy into the myths that young girls are choosing to become prostitutes.

"Demand for prostitution fuels sex trafficking," Moore said. "And I think clearly our system isn't working."

A Justice Department official on Tuesday's panel said task forces made up of federal, state and local investigators have arrested and prosecuted hundreds of people responsible for the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

But Francey Hakes, the agency's national coordinator for child exploitation prevention, said a lack of coordination could be a problem for law enforcement. Hakes said the department was working to enhance its strategy to address sex crimes against children.

Moore and her husband — Ashton Kutcher — recently started the Demi and Ashton Foundation to bring attention to the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The panel discussion was organized by the foundation and the Rebecca Project for Human Rights.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Monday, May 3, 2010

BFA Awarded Grant, Strip Club & Porn Show OutREACHes, More News & Upcoming Events!

Dear family, friends & partners,

It's hard to believe we are already in May. Time is flying by and we are grateful to the many doors that God keeps opening for us. 2010 has definitely proven itself to be an eventful year, and April was no different. We're excited as our territory is expanding into areas of the state where we have not previously had a presence and we have great expectations as to what He does next!

AWARDED GRANT: We applied for our first grant & got it! BFA is one of 20 partners selected for the SENergy Project, a program of SENetwork of Youth and Family Services. The project is funded through a grant from the federal office of community services, Compassion Capital Fund. As a recipient of the SENergy Project resources, we will receive training, capacity building technical assistance, and a sub-award in the areas of Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Program Development and/or Community Outreach.

FLORIDA STATE HUMAN TRAFFICKING TASK FORCE MEETING: Thursday, May 6th 9:30am - 5pm, St. Petersburg, FL During this legislative session, a Safe Harbor bill was proposed to provide services and short and long-term placement for domestic minor sex trafficking victims. While the bill did not pass, there was agreement among state agency representatives and advocates that a system of services needs to be developed for these victims. Trudi Novicki, Director of Kristi House in Miami and the main impetus behind the Safe Harbor legislation, will be at the meeting to present what she sees as the needs of victims and the intent behind the bill proposed this session. Ms. Novicki will speak during the Legislative update section on the agenda.

Based on a discussion with advocates and others, DCF is proposing to the Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force that they create an ad hoc committee to examine safe harbor issues and develop recommendations for consideration by the Task Force. The ad hoc committee would be chaired by a member of the Task Force and would includes representatives from child advocacy groups, social services, and law enforcement.

Julie Shematz, BFA founder & human trafficking over-comer, will be attending after being encouraged by Trudi Novicki to be a voice to this state task force.

HEAL ME CRUSADE: May 6-8, 7-10pm, Plant City, FL Beginning on the National Day of Prayer, our event coordinator, evangelist and author of the soon to be released, 'The Funeral Scam', Annie Peterson & Julie Shematz will be premiering the Real Orange booth at this healing crusade featuring Pastor Tony Stewart of CityLife Church, T.L. Lowrey, Bishop Thomas Propes, Apostle J.L. Cash & Praise with musical artists Kaci Stewart & Rita Springer. Help is needed to assist with the booth and the event. Contact Annie at 239.849.2089 for more information.

STRIP CLUB OUTREACH: Saturday, May 8th, the BFA OutREACH team will be delivering another home cooked, 'comfort' meal, into our local adopted strip club and delivering Mother's Day gifts to the women working there.

MIAMI PORN SHOW OUTREACH: May 14-16 The BFA FREEdom™ Team will be debuting our first booth, Real Orange, at a porn expo after faithfully serving other ministries through prayer, promotion & service for four years. We'll be distributing 5100 evangelistic/educational DVD's, Bibles and thousands of beauty supply items to the actresses and consumers of the East Coast's largest pornography convention. BFA will also be networking with local law enforcement and anti-slavery organizations. You too can be part of this enormous outREACH:

1. PRAY: We are again organizing, theCALL2XXX, 24 hour prayer in 15 minute increments for all 3 days of the expo.
a. Please sign up for a block of time (we recommend you choose the same time each day of the event). For sign up sheet in pdf, CLICK HERE & for Excel CLICK HERE
b. Recruit others to sign up for prayer at your church, small group, business and/or organization.
c. Send your times/time sheets to:

2. PORN SHOW PREP (PSP): We need assistance with labeling and packaging the thousands of give aways. This is great way for your church, small group and/or bible study to join with us and become a slavery abolitionist!
Monday, May 3 3-9pm, Fort Myers, FL
Saturday, May 8 9am-3pm, Fort Myers, FL
Monday, May 10 3-9pm, Fort Myers, FL
Wednesday, May 13 3-7pm, Miami, FL
Thursday, May 14 9am-3pm, Miami, FL
Friday, May 15 ??, Miami, FL
Saturday, May 16 ??, Miami, FL
To confirm call 239.849.2089. Location will provided.
We can arrange for items to delivered & picked up for you to take to your church, small group to assemble. Call 239.939.9218 to schedule.

3. PROVIDE FUNDING: The cost for doing this outREACH is approximately $5000, to cover booth fee, DVD's (Ian McCormick's Testimony & Magdalena by the Jesus Project) and other give away items, transportation of team, hotel and meals. If you would like to help us with the expenses, any amount will be appreciated. You can give securely online, click here or mail your check, cash or money order to Beauty From Ashes at 5100 S. Cleveland Avenue, Suite 318-148, Fort Myers, FL 33907. Please note in memo: Porn OutREACH

CURRENT NEEDS: BFA needs Bibles (new & gently used) to distribute to victims of commercialized sexual exploitation, Care Package Sponsors, etc. For a complete list, CLICK HERE

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We have many areas where you too can be a slavery abolitionist! For more info, CLICK HERE

PRAYER REQUESTS: We care about you & want to pray for you. Send your requests to

Thank you for your continued support of BFA. Together we are better and are making a difference!

In His passionate love & consuming fire,

Steve & Julie Shematz & the FREEdom™ Team
President & Founder

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