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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Altar of Sexual Adolatry & More News

The Altar of Sexual Idolatry

There is little disputing that one of the most effective tactics of the enemy is that of sexual immorality. Although our society and the world at large have gone to great lengths to not only excuse and condone, and even promote and glamorize lust, the Bible is clear that such behavior is sinful, deceptive and devastatingly destructive to those who indulge in it, as well as their families. Against this tsunami of iniquity, there are few voices crying out in the wilderness trying to reach the enthralled masses with the truth of God’s Word. One of these, certainly, one of the pioneers among these is Steve Gallagher. An over-comer of sexual sin himself, Gallagher founded Pure Life Ministries, a residential program for men who struggle with pornography and other forms of sexual addiction. It is from this perspective that, twenty years ago, he wrote At The Altar of Sexual Idolatry, a guidebook, a bible study, a battle plan to win the war each man faces with his own nature, the world and the enemy of his soul.

The first thing the author does, as you might expect, is show that sexual immorality is not just a ‘problem’ - it is sin it is not just a ‘lifestyle’ - it is idolatry. Anyone who is choosing to give themselves over to lust is rejecting the truth of the Bible. Someone who has continually made these decisions over a long period of time is not only trapped in the cycle of sin, but is often deceiving himself as to whether his actions are sins or not. He needs to gain a true perspective of the havoc his sins wreak on his life and his family’s, as well as on his eternal destiny. Fortunately, the book does not just focus on what is wrong, but it also provides tools and strategies to help make it right and to keep it that way.

Although many self help books stress the importance of dealing with the past, this book reminds the reader of the need to deal with the present. It outlines the dangers of blaming others (parents, spouse, even God) for the issues within our own hearts. While highlighting these tendencies, it also gives the cure for them: the selfless love of God, the same love that held Jesus to the cross, which enables believers to die to their own selfish tendencies. The slow process of renewing one’s mind with the scripture is expounded on, as well as how to combat the pride that keeps us from recognizing and allowing the Lord to heal our issues.

The rest of the book is dedicated to an examination of the three enemies of our soul: the flesh, the world and the devil, as well as how to defeat them. The strategies given to foster victory in the life of the reader are true repentance and brokenness, a commitment to holiness empowered by the Holy Spirit, and the all important grace of God. The last of these is not just a feeling, but a force, not merely an abstraction, but an absolute that protects us, not from the consequences of our sin, but from the very act of sinning itself. And that is the ultimate objective of the book, not only to help people break free from habitual sexual sin, but to liberate them from the dominion of sin in all areas of their life. If you or someone you know is bound up by sexual sin, I don’t hesitate to recommend this powerful, thoroughly biblical, life-changing book and its companion workbook. You can be released from the slavery of sexual idolatry. Freedom is calling.

By Steve Shematz
President of Beauty From Ashes & Sexual Addiction Over-Comer

OutREACHes to Victims of Commercialized Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Fort Myers, FL:
STREET: Wednesday, October 21 9am-12pm
STRIP CLUB: Thursday, October 22 7-10pm

Thursday, October 22 10am - 3:30pm • Florida Gulf Coast University/Union Ballroom

The New Life Dream Center is home to approximately 37 women, 2 teens (including one that is pregnant), an infant & 76 men. The highly successful program has been providing assistance to victims of commercialized sexual exploitation, domestic violence, sexual addiction & other life controlling problems for over 26 years with out any governmental assistance & the majority of the residents have no means of financial of support for their rehabilitation. Housing, feeding, clothing and providing essential care to broken people takes a lot of money, will you please consider donating today? For online giving, please CLICK HERE: or send your check made out to the New Life Dream Center to the address below.

November 14, 21 & 28 9-3pm, Fort Myers, FL • Registration Required • Limited Seating
The Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST) anti-trafficking curriculum, Hands that Heal, is a comprehensive, Christian curriculum to train global caregivers who are front line providers of aftercare for women, children, and men that have been trafficked into the commercial sex industry. The curriculum is the result of a collaboration among more than 40 academicians and field practitioners from diverse backgrounds and organizations that address the needs of trafficked individuals. FAAST also developed Hands that Heal as a tool to inform and inspire churches, communities, organizations, and individuals around the world to engage in the battle against the injustice of human trafficking and to help equip them to provide transformational care to survivors.
PLEASE NOTE: Correction Community Based Curriculum is $35, not $25.
Academic Curriculum is $45 & Both are $75. For more information: CLICK HERE

Please join us every Friday to pray for the victims as well as the organizations reaching, rescuing, restoring & advocating for these individuals. Prayer Guide: CLICK HERE



Thank you for your continued support & encouragement. Together we are making a difference!

In His love & passion to see victims become over-comers,
Pastor Julie Shematz & the FREEDom™ TEam

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