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Sunday, October 6, 2013

September eNewsletter

New Season


Thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers during my post graduation sabbatical.  With my Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling finally under my belt, I am very excited about Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries (BFA) as we move into a brand new season.  God has opened some incredible doors and we anticipate moving through them as we continue our mission in preventing, reaching, and restoring victims of sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

As the founder and Executive Director of Florida's first and oldest, human trafficking, overcomer-led, community service agency, I am committed to the vision of victims being provided the opportunity to receive the comprehensive services they need in order to recover from the trauma and injustices done to them more than ever.  From laypersons with a passion for this marginalized population to professional helpers and first responders, this can only be accomplished through support, education, and community collaboration.  Together we are better and we can make a difference.  As a voice for the voiceless, I thank you in advance for that partnership.

I have no doubt that the best is yet to come!

Committed to the cause,

Julie Shematz, MA

Founder / Executive Director
Call (239) 939-9218 for Individual or Group Sessions


Twenty four year old, former World Race participant, La Shondra Riddle, is in need of raising $2885 in order to relocate from Atlanta, GA to Fort Myers, FL to begin her one year internship with Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries.  This will cover her monthly costs ($1000) for three months.  LaShondra, an overcomer who feels called to serve with BFA for a year period, hopes to be relocated by the end of the month.  

For more about LaShondra, CLICK HERE


Saturday, September 28th & October 12th
Social Networking
Volunteer Coordination 
Barn and/or Equine Care
Graphic Design
Public Relations
Garden and/or Grounds Care
Transportation (Clients and/or Volunteers)
Counseling (Master's Level Required)

Registration Required.  Limited Seating.


Julie Shematz presented on human trafficking and the ministries of BFA at her alma mater, Florida Gulf Coast University, on September 18th and 19th to two undergraduate Humanities classes.  Moved to respond to modern day slavery and recognizing they can help on a local level, more than 20 students (of 40) responded by signing up to volunteer!  Go Eagles!  

Registration Deadline September 27th.  For more information and to register:
Jillian Penhale
(813) 383-5630 O | (813)962-4098 F

September 28th
October 12th & 19th
1 - 5pm

Meet and love on our Therapy Horses.

If you have never participated in equine care with us in the past,Volunteer Orientation is required. If you've helped in the past, call (239) 939-9218 & let us know to expect you. 

October ePrayer Alert

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to intercede for the ministries of Beauty From Ashes™ (BFA), especially during my post graduation sabbatical. Returning to BFA refreshed and renewed was a great beginning to our new season. It is amazing for me to process the fact that it was 11 years ago on this day, October 6th, that I publicly rededicated my life to the Lordship of Christ.  I am simply astonished at what God has done in my life and how he has used the ministries of Beauty From Ashes™ to assist other victims to become overcomers. As I shared my testimony at the International Salvation Army event for Sex Trafficking this past week, some asked me if I knew who was praying for me while I was "lost".  I do not know for certain, but that someone was, and for that reason and my own experiences seeing prayers answered over and over, your prayers are priceless to me, those we serve, and to the organization.  

Here are prayer points for the month of October:    

CLIENTS: Pray specifically for new clients being referred by professionals and other agencies within our community. May they, our existing, and prior clients receive the revelation of God's love for them and commit to the ongoing healing process.  As we develop treatment programs for them, may God's hand be on every detail.

OUTREACHES: Thank God for His continued favor in outREACHes happening locally, across the nation, and in other countries every week.  Pray for the outREACHes and teams as they continue taking His light into dark places.

PROGRAMS & SERVICES:  Please pray for the development of our new Healthy Living and Eagle's Landing programs, as well as our existing Human Trafficking Educational, Consulting, and Equine and Art Therapeutic Programs.  May God use these services to glorify Himself as we are His hands and feet working collaboratively with other community organizations. 

CURRENT NEEDS:  Thank God that all our needs are met according to His will.  CLICK HERE for the entire list of our needs. 

EQUINE FACILITY: Thank God that we've survived our first summer in the extremely wet countryside and all the horses are in good health!  Pray that God put a hedge of protection around them as we move into the fall season in Southwest Florida.

FUNDING:  Thank God that He is our Provider and for His people that co-labor with Him financially to support BFA.  Pray that God abundantly bless those who sow into the ministries of BFA and for those that are rising up to do fund raisers for us!  

PARTNERSHIPS:  Thank God for existing, new, and future partnerships. Pray for the development of pioneering programs with new partners and for the impact of this coordination.  Agree with us for God's protection over these relationships. 

EVENTS: Thank God for two speaking engagements at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) and the 3 workshops presented at the 8th Annual International Salvation Army's Weekend of Prayer and Fasting for Sex Trafficking Victims, which took place in Clearwater, FL. Thank Him for the open doors for greater community engagement and support of BFA through these events. Pray for events still in the coordination stage and for future events. May we only engage in events that are of God's perfect will and nothing less.  

VOLUNTEERS & STAFF: Thank God for what may very well be the the best group of volunteers and staff that we've ever had!  Praise Him for opening the door for FGCU students to be employed with BFA and paid through FGCU! Pray for our monthly Volunteer Orientation and that only those God has hand picked to become involved will attend and follow through.  Pray a blessing over FGCU, our faithful volunteers, and the entire BFA FREEdom™ Team.  

BOARD OF DIRECTORS & ADVISORS:  Pray for them and their families.  As we seek to expand our governing board of directors, agree with us that God would raise up leaders who will be faithful to His call to be stewards over the ministries of BFA according to God's perfect will.

OTHER LIKE MINISTRIES / AGENCIES:  Pray for protection in all areas; that strong boundaries be implemented and every bit of our work is driven by Biblical priorities.  Pray, too, for the families and friends of all involved in ministry, and that leadership are disciples of Christ, making disciples.   

WEEKLY GLOBAL PRAYER:  Please continue to pray corporately from where ever you are each Friday from 8-9am EST to intercede for victims of sexual exploitation, sex slavery, & sex trafficking, as well as the agencies servicing them.  CLICK HERE for Prayer Guide. 

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Send us your prayer requests by CLICKING HERE


BFA eNEWSLETTER:  CLICK HERE to view our latest eNews, A New Season, and sign up to receive them in the future.  

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your prayers of intercession for myself and the ministries of Beauty From Ashes™.  Thank you.  
In His love and service,

Julie Shematz, MA
Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries  
Where Victims Become Over-Comers

"Survivors must be leaders in the development of services, shelter, and response protocols to s*x trafficking.” 
- National Report on Domestic Minor S*x Trafficking