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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eagles Against Modern Slavery Event at Florida Gulf Coast University

On March 13, 2012 Beauty From Ashes (BFA) came to our very own Florida Gulf Coast University.  FGCU touches very close to BFA due to the fact that Julie Shematz, founder of Beauty From Ashes, is a current student at FGCU in the Master's program in mental health. It was great to see the organization I have been volunteering for, for the past 10 weeks, right at our very own university.

There was an attendance of about 50 students and family members. Eagles Against Modern Slavery gave out pizza, drinks and desserts. The night began with music by a live band and also showed a documentary called “Passion 2012 Freedom” The event took place right on the library lawn. It was a night of fun and purpose!

Before Mrs. Shematz took the stage to share her testimony with everyone Mrs. Hicks, Beauty From Ashes Program Manager, took the stage and asked everyone a few questions about sex trafficking. One student of FGCU came up on stage to answer Christa Hicks questions. She admitted she had no idea sex trafficking in Southwest Florida was such an issue. She also admitted she was only aware about sex trafficking abroad and did not know or ever think it was such a constant fight and issue right where she lived. One of BFA’s missions is to bring awareness to Southwest Florida. BFA succeeded in informing the crowd, including this young woman, about the issue at a local level.

Following Mrs. Christa, Mrs. Shematz took the stage. She told her testimony to all of us and quickly spoke about the issue and facts on sex trafficking in Florida. This is the second time I have heard Mrs. Shematz speak and every time I have heard her it brings me to chills. She is an over-comer and her story brings the truth that with intervention, everyone else who is struggling with sex trafficking can become an over-comer too! Let Beauty From Ashes help you. I believe that everyone walked away from this event better informed on the problem we have in our hands. Beauty From Ashes is where victims become over-comers.
My name is Gabriela Diaz; I am a graduating senior at Florida Gulf Coast University. I have a major in communication with a minor in Spanish. I was born a raised in Miami and moved to Fort Myers two years ago to continue my education at Florida Gulf Coast University. I am 23 years old and am excited to see where I am going next. I will be volunteering with Beauty From Ashes for the next 12 weeks in bringing awareness to Fort Myers about human trafficking.

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