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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Julie Shematz speaking on behalf of the victims of human trafficking and addressing demand at FGCU

Human trafficking is considered a crime with faceless & voiceless victims.

In an effort to put a voice and a face with the countless victims of commercialized sexual exploitation, Beauty From Ashes founder, Julie Shematz, after being asked to speak on behalf of the victims at a human trafficking awareness event, asked women from across the nation that she interacts with, "if you had one thing to say, what would that be?"

BFA's Human Trafficking Voiceless & Faceless Victims Revealed is a compelling and captivating
multi-media presentation that finally puts faces and voices to the victims and survivors. You will find out what's on their heart and what they want you to hear from them.

Additionally, the presentation addresses demand and what is fueling the sex-for-sale industry.

Julie will be giving the presentation at Florida Gulf Coast University on March 25th 5:30 - 7pm. Event is sponsored by the Student Abolitionist Movement & the Florida Coalition of Human Trafficking.

Here are some of the comments made the first time Julie shared this unique presentation at the "Out of the Shadows" Human Trafficking Symposium at Florida Gulf Coast University:

"It was powerful to hear from the various survivors from across the nation and to see their faces and families. It made the problem of sex trafficking more real."

"Was a great presentation!"

"Julie Shematz was exceptional, well spoken & brave..."

"Not a person in the room moved and Julie's presentation captivated everyone."

"Everyone needs to see and hear this."

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