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Friday, March 26, 2010

Get caught hiring a prostitute & your name goes on sex offender list in Kansas

Hire a prostitute, buy a spot on the KS sex offender list
Thinking of hiring a lady of the evening in Kansas? Might want to think again.

The Kansas House today endorsed legislation to target human traffickers, but not before amending the bill to put those convicted of hiring a prostitute on the state’s sex offender registry for 10 years.

The amendment’s sponsor, Rep. Mike Slattery, an Mission Democrat, said the idea is to go after the demand for prostitutes, which he noted are often the victims of human trafficking.

“As the father of a young daughter it is the most atrocious thing I can think about,” he said of the practice of forcing young women into the sex trade.

But to the Scarlet Letter for hiring a prostitute wouldn't be permanent.

“Let’s say an 18 year old kid does something stupid,” he said. “Putting them on the sex offender list for their entire life might be overkill.”

Lawmakers in the House liked the idea and added it to the human trafficking bill before passing it. SB 359 now goes back to the Senate, which hasn’t considered Slattery’s idea.

The bill’s other components would redefine the crime of human trafficking to make it easier for police and prosecutors to go after offenders. It would also allow authorities to seize property and money from human traffickers, much in the same way that law enforcement already seizes the profits of drug dealers.

Source: Prime Buzz

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