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Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day ~ 20 Things You Can Do

• Today 27 million people are held in slavery
• 80% are Sex Slaves & Female
• 60% are Children
• 100,000 – 300,000 domestic minors are being lured into prostitution yearly
• The average age of a prostitute in the USA is 12-14 years old
• Every minute 2 children are being forced into sex slavery worldwide
• 90% of adult sex workers were victims of sexual abuse as children
• Florida is the #2 state for human trafficking (Texas #1 & California #3)
• Every year more than 1 million children are forced into global commercial sexual exploitation (CSE)
• Human trafficking will be the #1 crime worldwide in 2010

Most people don’t know that in 2007 the United States Senate designated January 11th as Human Trafficking Awareness Day.


1. Refuse to be part of the problem by being apathetic and doing nothing. Be pro-active.
2. Contact your organization, club, and church leaders to facilitate an event to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking.
3. Invite a Beauty From Ashes™ over-comer to share their personal story of triumph
4. Schedule a Beauty From Ashes™ Reach, Rescue, and Restore training on how to effectively do outreach and provide survivor-centered services to victims.
5. Read the National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, so you can be educated and informed.
6. Watch and repost human trafficking videos from the Beauty From Ashes™ Youtube page.
7. Follow us and challenge your friends to do so as well. Repost and share the information we post:


8. Start following human trafficking news on twitter. Retweet relevant news stories by adding a tag #.
9. Find out if your area has a local human trafficking task force and get involved. If your area doesn’t have one, contact your Sheriff’s department and coordinate the establishment of one.
10. Contact your local newspaper to see if they are running a story on human trafficking for the Awareness Day; if not, encourage them to do so and tell them about Beauty From Ashes™.
11. Find out about local slavery abolitionist groups in your area and volunteer your time.
12. Produce artwork that raises awareness about the issue of human trafficking. Take a picture and send the images to Beauty From Ashes™ Founder, JulietheArtist.
13. Take up a collection in your office, care group, Sunday school, or church service. Donate to bring hope through Beauty From Ashes™.
14. Sponsor a fundraiser for Beauty From Ashes™, ideas include: bake sale, car wash, marathon, bikeathon, swimathon, danceathon, walkathon, or garage sale.
15. Ask if your employer has a donor-match program for charity donations. Tell them about Beauty From Ashes™.
16. Businesses, please consider donating a percentage of your profits to Beauty From Ashes™.
17. Sponsor a resident survivor's basic care needs in the FREEdom™ Home ($600/month).
18. Sponsor a BFA outreach to victims of commercialized sexual exploitation and human trafficking. ($50-100/month)
19. Sponsor a BFA Rahab's Hope Fund candidate, a survivor of CSE & human trafficking, to go to school and acquire a higher education degree. (LPN & Cosmetology)
20. Sign up for BFA E-Newsletter and forward our email and blog link to 10 of your friends.

"The biggest hurdle for those of us who work in the anti-trafficking field is the simple lack of awareness of trafficking as a social issue, as a crime (by understanding the criminal elements, or definition), and understanding there is a pretty strong anti-trafficking response if you just know where to look.

Remember, if one of the toughest hurdles we have as abolitionists is the lack of knowledge about trafficking, one of the most important things to do is inform others." -John Vanek

BEAUTY FROM ASHES™ was founded by an over-comer of CSE & human trafficking. We have been providing assistance to victims of CSE & human trafficking since 2005.

To prevent, rescue and restore victims of sex trafficking.

To educate the community, advocate for the victims, implement reach, rescue and restore programs and provide safe homes where they can go to heal emotionally. mentally, physically and spiritually. These are homes where victims will receive comfort, security, safety, love and learn to become over- comers.

God is passionate about the fatherless, orphans, afflicted & the homeless.

"Vindicate the weak and fatherless;
Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.
Rescue the weak and needy;
Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked."
Psalm 82:3-4 NASB

All donations are tax deductible. Write check to Beauty From Ashes and mail to 5100 S. Cleveland Avenue, Suite 318-148, Fort Myers, FL 33907 or give securely online HERE

Thank you for joining us and becoming a slavery abolitionist in 2010. Together we are better & can make a difference!

Passionate about seeing victims & survivors become over-comers,

Steve, Julie & the FREEdom™ Team
Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries

P.S. See ADDITIONAL THINGS TO DO in Comments below.


  1. Human trafficking is called by many 'modern day slavery.' It is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to make people do things they don't want to do. (NOTE: Not necessary to prove force, fraud or coercion with individuals under the age of 18). Men, women, and children are all affected by this crime; they are enslaved through out the world for labor or as sex slaves.

    No country is immune from human trafficking. Human trafficking victims are considered 'invisible' victims, yet they are everywhere. If you see, or know, anyone who is:

    * always accompanied by another person who seems controlling
    * showing signs of physical or psychological abuse
    * submissive or fearful
    * not able to communicate due to language barriers
    * does not have any identification

    Please call the Department of Justice Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-428-7581

  2. Now Mrs. Daisy Cline of Cagayan de Oro Philippines has stated on another forum that she holds charity events in brothels because that's where her husband, Alan Cline, can be found. I want to address her statements.

    Daisy Cline in the photos your husband, Alan Cline, looks very old so I can only guess that you are not his first wife. I also do not know what he has told you about American life but rest assured most men in America , except the type you see on Jerry Springer show, do not bring their wives to brothels like the one seen in link below.

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did decide to hold charity functions in a brothel because it is the only place you could do it and have your husband included. However, I must ask if you do not condone pimping then why is your name connected all over the Internet to pimps, criminals and brothels?

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    Mrs Daisy Cline, Do you expect as to believe these are mere coincidences? Did your father take your mother to brothels? Did your lolo take your lola? I ask as I am interested in why a lady of God and Charity is so connected to seedy persons. Do you not see the harm in supporting the very pimps who are profiting through exploiting the people you state you wish to help? Or are you there trying to bring the prostitutes to Christ?

  3. For the record, Anonymous, Daisy Cline is not affiliated nor do we know who she is.


    1. Memorize ONE Phone Number – 888-3737-888.
    This is the national trafficking hotline number. If you suspect slavery or exploitation, call this number. To find out more about what to look for, visit

    2. Advocate for change.
    Call or write your elected officials. Tell them that you care about the issue of human trafficking and want stronger laws to protect victims and prosecute criminals. Keep reminding them. Get news from on how to engage in political action and advocacy.

    3. Consume wisely.
    Hold businesses accountable and ask corporations to join the fight against slavery. Visit and email companies to ensure that their products are slave-free. Soon you will be able to demand a SLAVE-FREE brand.

    4. Movie Night.
    Host a film and invite your friends over and/or head to your local theatre. Movies like Trade, Call+Response, Cargo, Fields of Mudan, Slumdog Millionaire, etc.

    5. Do what you love.
    Use your talents to fight slavery. Do an art project and display it in a public place. Use a sports event to raise awareness and funds for the issue. Talk about the issue at a concert, or make it a benefit for survivors. Film a movie on the state of modern-day slavery. Write about the issue and post it on your blog.

    6. Pray.
    For those with a faith perspective, spend some time praying for people directly impacted by slavery as well as those working to fight it.

    Adapted from

  5. 1/5/09 President Obama & white house declare January 2010 as National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention month!


  7. Trafficking in persons is a very horrible crime!

    ILO has found out that 75 % of trafficking is related to forced labour and domestic servitude, while the least common one has to do with sex exploitation. The observed prevalence of human trafficking related to labour exploitation when people are locked up to work for long hours with little or no play is higher relatively to situations releated to sex business.
    [Human trafficking survey: Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldovia, Romania and Ukraine Dec 2006, IOM MOM, Ministry of Forein Affairs of Denmark and GfK, pages 6, 43, and 50]

    So forced into prostitution happens, but it is not that major modern world crime as shown in 2007.
    [Jerry Markon, Washington Post, Sept 23, 2007, Human Trafficking evokes Outrage, little evidence]

    Please help all but only those sex workers who want your kind help. Thanks.

  8. Marcxx ~ Part of the human trafficking issues are the inconsistency of numbers, surveys, stats, etc.

    All forms of human trafficking are horrific, unjust and deny people basic rights such as dignity and freedom.

    While we agree all slavery needs to be abolished, our focus and specialization is in sex trafficking. We have looked at extensive studies and stories regarding the matter and can simply agree to disagree regarding the magnitude of sexual exploitation in relation to the topic.

    Debating who needs the most help is a waste of time. The important thing is that we all do something to make a difference and respect the actions each of us are taking.