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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Funding FREEdom™ in 2010

· Today 27 million people are held in slavery

· 80% are Sex Slaves & Female

· 60% are Children

· 100,000 – 300,000 domestic minors are being lured into prostitution yearly

· Every minute 2 children are being forced into sex slavery worldwide

· 90% of adult sex workers were victims of sexual abuse as children

· Florida is the #2 state for human trafficking

· Every year more than 1 million children are forced into global commercial sexual exploitation (CSE)

· Human trafficking will be the #1 crime worldwide in 2010

· Currently there are less than 50 beds for the much-needed specialized services for domestic minors of sex trafficking in the USA.

Will you help Beauty From Ashes™ start

the New Year strong

and enable us to better assist

victims of CSE and human trafficking?

How Far Will Your Dollar Go?

$50 – Cost of BFA’s monthly strip club food outreach (25 – 30 meals)

$100 – Cost of BFA’s bi-monthly strip club gift outreach (25-75 gifts)

$125 – Cost of 25 Bibles

$20/day, $140/week & $600/month – Cost to clothe, feed, shelter, provide therapy, staffing & insurance to survivor in BFA FREEdom™ Home

$400/month – Cost of BFA administration

$3000 – Cost to relocate family of 4 (two children; 3 months & 2 years) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Fort Myers, FL. Mother is CSE & human trafficking survivor who has worked as a hair stylist for 4 years. Husband wants to go into local drug rehabilitation residential program (Teen Challenge) while mother & children receive survivor-based assistance from BFA, including licensed therapy.

$415/month, $5000/year – Cost to acquire Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) degree for over-comer of CSE, mother* of three children (1, 3 & 8 years old) who has already acquired state nurses aide license & CPR training. She has been out of industry for 4 years.

$1000/month, $12,000/year – Cost to acquire Cosmetology Degree for CSE & human trafficking over-comer*, who has been free from slavery for 8 years and maintained full time employment.

*Rahab’s Hope Fund Candidates that have worked with BFA for 3-5 years. Both have demonstrated consistent maturity and a sincere desire to better themselves through higher education means.

You can give two ways:

1. Mail cash, money order or check made out to Beauty From Ashes Ministries to 5100 S. Cleveland Avenue, Suite 318-148, Fort Myers, FL 33907

2. Give securely online by clicking HERE

All donations are tax deductible. Your gift of love enables a victim and survivor to realize they can experience FREEdom™ to become an over-comer. Please notate in Memo if you desire your gift to go to specific area of need and thank you!

For a minimum gift of $35 ($5 shipping), we'll send you our 10 song private label, Beauty From Ashes™ Child of God CD.

Together we are better & are making a difference.

PLEASE NOTE: January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Awareness is key to prevention and intervention. Join the slavery abolitionist movement and refuse to be a bystander. Contact us for resources, ideas and possible speakers.

The FREEdomTeam

Beauty From Ashes Ministries

1 comment:

  1. Dear Steve and Julie:

    Thanks so much for spelling out in dollars what's needed for each BFA initiative, and what specific gifts can help toward. An end of year gift was, unfortunately, not possible, but I'd like to do something in January, and the "How Far Will Your Dollar Go" list was a big help.

    Happy new year and God bless!!!