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Saturday, February 2, 2013

February ePrayer Alert

Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries (BFA) exists to bring the Lord's love, hope and truth to the world, specifically women and children who have endured sexual exploitation, abuse and/or trafficking, and we are absolutely honored and grateful for every prayer said on the organization's behalf.  We continue to see His work both within the women we serve and within ourselves, and it is a privilege to be an advocate of His redemptive plans and purposes for every one of us.  Thank you so much for your commitment to pray for the staff, interns, volunteers and clients of BFA!

CLIENTS:  It is so challenging and difficult to rebuild life after having been subjected to abuse, exploitation, turmoil and chaos for years, but we are so proud of the way many of the women we serve have met these challenges head-on.  They know the work is worth it, both for themselves and their families, and we are grateful to walk alongside them as the begin believing in who the Lord has identified them as: beautiful, precious, beloved daughters of the Most High!  Please continue to pray for their hearts to not only receive healing, but to let go of any unhealthy thoughts and behaviors from the past, whether it be unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, hurt or anything keeping them from complete freedom in Christ.  Please pray their every need will be met, and for a greater awakening of the depths of the Lord's love for them.  Pray their friends and families not only see the difference in their lives, but then become drawn to the presence of the Lord.  Please pray against any attack of the enemy to try and draw the women back into a life of heartache and pain.  

OUTREACHES:  We love how the Lord draws women to BFA; sometimes they come across the website or Facebook page, or they hear of us from friends.  And other times it is through our strip club and low income area outREACHes, where we are given the opportunity to share Christ's love through words, deeds and even food.  Every one of our outREACHes is meant to bring glory to the Lord and to bring Truth to His children.  Please continue praying for discernment and wisdom, so that everything we do is led by the Holy Spirit.  Pray for new doors to open in His timing, for relationships to be built through His divine appointments and for His power to continuously go before us in order for His light to shatter the darkness.  Pray every heart and mind we encounter not only becomes aware of the Lord, but desires a life fully and wholly devoted to Him.  
PROGRAMS & SERVICES:  Our desire is that every program and service offered by BFA is rooted and grounded in the love of the Lord, allowing us the privilege of serving His children to the best of our abilities.  We want to constantly ask the Holy Spirit to lead, in order to offer programs and services that will best meet the needs of the women and children that we serve, while also trusting the Lord to introduce new services in His time.  Please pray for supernatural strength and wisdom, equipping the staff, interns and volunteers of BFA for every moment of every day.  

CURRENT NEEDS:  Please pray that our daily and monthly operational costs are met.  Everyday we are assisting numerous local and national victims in becoming overcomers through over 30 programs and services that we don't charge fees for.

EQUINE FACILITY:  It is a tremendous joy for BFA to have the ability to offer equine-assisted learning and horsemanship mentorship to not only the women we serve, but also their children.  The facility now has four horses, as Morning Star Spirit has been added to the team, joining Candy Man, Murphy and Handsome.  Please pray that under the instruction of our Equine Specialists in Mental Health and Learning, Julie Shematz and Marie Shelli, children and adults alike will be able to experience internal healing through experiences with the horses, allowing the Lord to move and work in ways often unexplained but done through His creation.  Pray for safety, good health and protection for all involved, and that these services are offered and directed the way the Lord desires. 

FUNDING:  The Lord is always faithful.  We continue to be amazed by His provisions and we are honored by every one of our supporters.  Please pray we always trust His plans, we direct His funds in the way He wants them to go and that He will continue to bring in every cent needed to operate BFA according to His will.

PARTNERSHIPS:  Just as the body of Christ has many members, it is through partnerships where multiple agencies and organizations come together to serve and love as many people as possible.  BFA is privileged to have established partnerships with other organizations and people, bringing greater effectiveness to the programs and services we are able to offer.  Please pray for additional partnerships when and how the Lord sees fit and for relationships built on trust, integrity and honor.  

EVENTS: Please pray for the many events we have scheduled for the month of February.  We have events ranging from our weekly support groups to speaking engagements at universities, churches, and community groups.  

VOLUNTEERS & INTERNS:  Only the Lord knows all that will happen this year, and we believe and are thankful that He is already raising up additional women to offer their time, talents and services to the work of BFA.  We are very grateful for the intern and volunteers we currently have, and it is their work that allows BFA to offer as much as we do, even with a small number of staff members. Agree with us that their lives be richly blessed.

STAFF:  Pray that our Founder, Julie Shematz, and Program Manager, Christa Hicks, would sustain balance and priorities as they work hard to prevent, reach, rescue, and restore victims of s*x trafficking and s*xual exploitation.  Please pray for constant strength, discernment, endurance and peace in order for them to lead BFA the way the Lord desires. 

DIRECTORS & ADVISORS Pray for a spirit of motivation, unity, and harmony among each Director and Advisor.  Continue to pray that God would pour out His blessings on each member of our executive and advisory boards.  Agree with us that their health, family, and resources be protected. 

OTHER LIKE MINISTRIES/AGENCIES:  Please be in prayer for every ministry and organization committed to following the Lord's lead into the darkness, seeing His redemption consume all shame, guilt, worldly label and pain.  Pray for unity to prevail in every circumstance, and for a greater network of like-minded people serving those affected by s*xual exploitation, abuse and/or trafficking.  Please pray for continuous protection not only for those among the organizations, but also their families and friends.   

WEEKLY GLOBAL PRAYER:  Please join us each Friday from 8-9am EST to intercede for victims of sexual exploitation, sex slavery, & sex trafficking, as well as the agencies servicing them.  CLICK HERE for Prayer Guide.  Locally, we meet in North Fort Myers at the Equine Facility.  Contact us for directions.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Send us your prayer requests by CLICKING HERE


BFA eNEWSLETTER:  CLICK HERE to view our latest eNews and sign up to receive them in the future.

Finally, as we enter into the season celebrated for love, agree with us that all we serve and partner with with receive a deeper revelation of the love of our God.

"But God shows and clearly proves His [own] love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us." Romans 5:8 AMP

On behalf of Julie Shematz, the Beauty From Ashes™ FREEdom™ Team, and clients, thank you for your continued prayers surrounding this ministry.  

With sincere appreciation,

Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries  
Where Victims Become Over-Comers

"Survivors must be leaders in the development of services, shelter, and response protocols to s*x trafficking.” 
- National Report on Domestic Minor S*x Trafficking


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