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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meet "Horse-Therapist", Handsome Boy

Hi, I’m Handsome Boy,

My registered name is Dolmar’s Golden Star which is quite boring I think. Besides every time someone meets me they exclaim “What a Handsome Boy!” So it’s stuck I’d say. Plus it fuels the male ego of my owner who discovered that Handsome Boy was one of the original names for one of John Wayne’s horses. I like it. I think it suits me pretty good…far better than Dolmar! Yuck!   

I’m a Tennessee Walking Horse which means my ride is smooth as silk if I do say so myself.  The only time I tend to get choppy is when my rider gets in a hurry and tries to go faster than my little legs can run.  Besides my smooth ride my beautiful Champagne coat and blue eyes get the attention of all the ladies.  You could say I’m a chick magnet. 

Truth is I can be rather shy and timid with new people.  Sometimes meeting new people or doing new things puts so much pressure on me that I’ll freeze and then retreat to a safe place as soon as I can think straight.  Perhaps retreat is too gentle of a word – sometimes I freak out and run away – to a safe place.  You wouldn’t know it if you saw me on the trail though, as I am usually the leader and raring to go.  I guess I’m just like some humans in that regard – shy with new people/places and proceed comfortably when I’m in my usual routine or environment.   But shyness aside, once I’m assured I can trust you I’m a very loving, friendly and silly kinda horse that will follow you around like a sweet puppy (especially if I think you’re carrying treats).

Typically, I’m not in the line-up for riding with Beauty From Ashes™ (BFA) Ministry's humans because my nervousness + their nervousness, generally doesn’t mix well.  But my leader Julie is working hard logging the miles and training in an effort to make me bomb-proof like my Herd Boss Murphy.  I’m so eager to please her that she has begun to ride me without a bit and I really like not having metal in my mouth!  BTW, Bomb-proof is human terminology for a horse that is so calm you could set a bomb off beside them and they wouldn’t move.  At least for now, if you set a bomb off beside me I’d turn back flips and be found clinging to the highest limb on the nearest tree!  However, I am in the line-up to meet everyone that visits our barn for Equine Assisted Learning and Horsemanship Mentoring.  My unique personality, along with the other "horse-therapists", is used to help participants learn about themselves (especially the ones that have trust challenges!).  We help them learn to trust, improve their communication skills, learn self control, set goals, become aware of everything around them, develop patience, acquire new perspectives, build up their self esteem, and teach them responsibility.  During these “working times”, we also get lavished with love as humans also learn to groom, care and feed (did someone say treats?!). 

Thanks again for stopping by our blog. While you’re here consider making a donation to Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries Equine Programs.  Your donations ensure that more people at risk or recovering from sexual abuse, trafficking, or sex work will be taught the skills they need to succeed in life and become all that God desires for them to be.  It in turns means more visits for me and my “horse–therapist” friends, which in turn means more treats! 

Yours truly,
Handsome Boy
Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries "Horse-Therapist"

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Karen Zeigler is an inspirational writer, life coach, author, and speaker.  Author of "Freedom From Worry" she is the founder of "Inspiration to Change".  Inspiration to Change's mission is to inspire individuals and professionals to discover and create Freedom in every area of life.  A graduate of Florida State University, after 20+ years of being an Investment Advisor, following the economic collapse, she pursued Coaching, which has become her life's passion.  For 8 years, Karen was the host of the program Change Radio and is a regular guest on the Testimonies of Triumph television program.  She is also the owner of the Beauty From Ashes™ "Horse-Therapists".  For more about Karen, please visit

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