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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet the "Horse-Therapists"

We hear humans all the time say “My therapist lives in a barn”. Even saw a human once with a t-shirt on that said “My therapist is a horse”. Although it’s somewhat of a joke to some humans we “horse-therapists” take our job quite seriously.  I believe it was the great human Winston Churchill that once said “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” And women too! Although Winston wasn’t smart enough to figure out what that something was, we horses know.  It’s a special gift we have been given by our Creator, a gift that we three  “horse-therapists” don’t take lightly. A gift that we are excited about sharing with the humans that Beauty from Ashes™ Ministries serves. But first we want to tell you a little bit (no pun intended) about how we came to serve Beauty from Ashes™ (BFA) and what you can expect from us in future posts here on the BFA blog.

How we were rounded up to serve

It wasn’t that long ago that the human that owns us took Julie Shematz, Founder of Beauty from Ashes™ Ministries out on a trail ride with Candyman and I. Our owner loves sharing us with other humans because she loves us so. Sometimes it seems like a lot of work to me but the smiles, laughter and joy I hear in hers and her guests voices make it all worth it.  Well, most days anyways - there are those days when I’d rather just graze in the pasture and nap in my stall. Little did I know that first ride, that those days would soon be filled with much more important humans to serve.

Our owner has always been pretty generous (especially with the treats!) and it didn’t take too many rides with Julie for her to decide that the humans BFA serve have challenges in life that us “horse-therapists” are quite apt to solve.  Things like trust, understanding, acceptance, responsibility, taking risks that are empowering vs. those that can get ya killed, unconditional love and more! The depth of horse wisdom is pretty astounding if I do say so myself.  So they decided we should hitch up and work together. Since partnering with BFA, it’s only multiplied the treats and loving for my herd, and me.  We were giddy with excitement to get started.

What to expect from us in future posts

When you head out on a trail ride it’s hard to say what treasures you will find. So I suspect this adventure will be much like that with its twists and turns, high and lows. There are a few things I know you can expect so I’ll just outline them for you here:

  • First things first I’ll be introducing myself and the herd and our unique horse-analities
  • A little laughter in pictures and in horse humor are sure to be sprinkled along the experiences and trails. Which to be honest is a lot nicer than what I usually sprinkle along the trail.
  • We’ll endeavor to share the stories, trials, and triumphs of the humans we serve at Beauty from Ashes™ Ministries. 
  • And where it’s appropriate, we’ll share life lessons our human has learned from us horses.

And I speak for the three of us when I say that I hope your visits here to Beauty from Ashes™ Ministries blog inspires to you to be generous to BFA as our human owner has been with us.  We promise to do everything in our horse power to help change the lives of these precious humans, if you’ll promise to do what you can.


The Boss 

Karen Zeigler is an inspirational writer, life coach, author, and speaker.  Author of "Freedom From Worry" she is the founder of "Inspiration to Change".  Inspiration to Change's mission is to inspire individuals and professionals to discover and create Freedom in every area of life.  A graduate of Florida State University, after 20+ years of being an Investment Advisor, following the economic collapse, she pursued Coaching, which has become her life's passion.  For 8 years, Karen was the host of the program Change Radio and is a regular guest on the Testimonies of Triumph television program.  She is also the owner of the Beauty From Ashes™ "Horse-Therapists".  For more about Karen, please visit

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