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Thursday, August 30, 2012

BFA Equine & Therapy Center

STAGE 1:  Sponsor the Horses 3 at $500 a month ($166 per horse)
(Includes feed, hay, worming, bug spray, farrier, supplements, boarding, transportation, veterinarian, etc.)

STAGE 2:  Remodel the Barn
Phase 1:  Add bathroom with toilet, shower, septic, & update electric $8000
Phase 2:  Add office space $7500

STAGE 3:  Purchase Property $400,000
(See below for details)

In December 2011, Beauty From Ashes' (BFA) Founder, Julie Shematz, was provided the opportunity to fulfill a desire of her heart by resuming horseback riding through the generosity of a couple in North Fort Myers, Florida who own three horses.  

In June 2012, Mrs. Shematz wrote a White Paper: Beauty From Ashes™ Therapy Center sharing the vision she had for a therapeutic center that provided multiple evidence-based treatments, including art and equine therapy. Additionally, she recommended to the board of directors that the agency begin developing evidence based equine psychotherapy and learning programs. The board approved Mrs. Shematz pursuing certification in equine and art therapy.

In July 2012, the owners opened up the property and the use of their horses to Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries for equine psychotherapy and learning programs. Mrs Shematz piloted horsemanship mentoring programs to individuals ages 11 through adulthood.  Horsemanship teaches responsibility, trust, self-control, collaboration, and self-confidence. 

In August 2012, the owners of the property offered the opportunity to Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries to purchase the 5 acre property. Additionally, they recommended renovations to the horse barn to include adding a bathroom, shower, toilet, and office space. The property has an 8 year old, 2250 sq foot concrete block, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, home on it in addition to the horse barn and a pole barn. Property is enclosed by a fence, has a gated security system, and has a wooded hammock blocking the home from passing traffic. House has a tin roof, 2 central air conditioning units, 2 car garage, outdoor and indoor fireplace, in ground pool, pond, is fully landscaped and has a security system wired for an outdoor camera system. Horse barn has 4  12 x 12 stalls, tack (12 x 24) and a feed room (12 x 12),  2nd floor has (24 x 12) room. Property also has a fenced arena and is perfect for the vision of a Beauty From Ashes™ Equine & Therapy Center.

•  With a downpayment of $150,000.00, $2000/month mortgage payments can be taken over
•  Current utility costs are:  Electric/$500, Water/$50, Cable/Internet $150 monthly and security system is $66/quarterly

Individual & Group Therapy
Mental Health Counseling
Social Services
Spiritual Services
Support/Life Skills Groups
Career Counseling
Case Management
Art Therapy
Equine Psychotherapy & Learning
Horsemanship Lessons
Short-term & long-term residential program placement
Consulting & referral to other service providers, governmental & non-governmental
Support system to survivor's loved ones
Educational seminars, workshops, and programs
Team & Group Building Exercises
Bible studies
Meeting space for SWFL Regional Human Trafficking Coalition, law enforcement, etc.

*Services will be provided to clients of other agencies that have been sexually exploited, abused, &/or trafficked. 


Left to right: Candy Man, 12 y/o Rocky Mountain Horse; 
Handsome, 10 y/o Tennessee Walking Horse;
Murphy, 14 y/o Quarter Horse

Will you partner with us in having a greater impact on more survivors of sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking and preventing this from happening through our education and mentoring programs? 

Will you come along side us and support this, first of it's kind, therapeutic center?

To give securely online, CLICK HERE or send your cash, check, or money order to:

Beauty From Ashes Ministries
13300 S. Cleveland Ave., Ste. 56
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Please notate:  Therapy & Equine Center 

Watch our facebook fan page and twitter for updates and pictures!

For more information, to give services or materials, please contact Julie Shematz at or call (239) 939-9218.  


  1. It’s not only trust, responsibility, self-control, confidence and collaboration that equine therapies have been teaching us. It’s also about being able to handle certain situations that are risky. Let’s admit that even we have the best and calm horses around, risk has always been along the way. Those undergoing such therapy would learn how to deal with the risks and therefore apply what they have learned to reality – real life situations, I mean.

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