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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Words from the Heart of an Intern

Right at this very moment there is a child being trafficked. While we do as we please, there is someone who’s every move is being controlled and monitored. Living a life that neither you nor I could possibly imagine. Children as young as 11, are experiencing this everyday of their lives. Robbed from the comforts of their parents’ arms and tossed onto the streets where they are forced to sell their bodies daily in massage parlors, strip clubs, and through prostitution.

You might think I’m speaking about an international problem, but I am not. This is a common mistake American's make; I am talking about an issue that is greatly impacting the wonderful country of America, where we reside. 
Human trafficking is the 2nd fastest growing crime in the world, and I can almost guarantee you that it has happened in your city. As we become more aware of this horrific crime the traffickers are doing one of two things; being caught by the police, or improving their operations, which includes expanding their operations into other cities and states. 
Those of us who are aware can spread the word and educate those who are not. As an intern at Beauty From Ashes I can passionately say we will not stop working to REACH, RESCUE, and RESTORE victims of human sex trafficking. We will go through the trails and tribulations under the guidance of the Lord to continue helping victims become overcomers. 

Eslande is a Junior, majoring in Psychology, at Florida Gulf Coast University. Go Eagles! She was born and raised in Fort MyersFlorida. She considers herself as being "somewhat of a poet" and blogger who loves to play volley ball.  She currently interns at Beauty From Ashes Ministries and is a contributing writer for the news section of school newspaper, Eagle News.

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