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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Understanding Human Trafficking Can Make a Difference

When you hear the words “human trafficking” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

-This does not happen in the United States
-This does not exist anymore
-Isn’t this illegal?

Did you know that South Florida is ranked as one of the top entry points in the United States for foreign human trafficking victims? Hard to believe, Right! Well guess again, Florida is one of the top three states that have the highest number of human trafficking. There are about 100,000 to 300,000 domestic minors who are forced into sex slavery in the USA.

For my last semester at FGCU, I have decided to work with a nonprofit organization, Beauty From Ashes Ministries, to bring awareness to Southwest Florida. Beauty from Ashes helps victims become over-comers. I will be blogging for them over the next 12 weeks in an effort to bring more awareness to Human Trafficking in Southwest Florida.

One of the biggest problems Southwest Florida is facing today is human trafficking. Many people think that human trafficking only exists in other countries, or they only believe what the media portrays, that human trafficking is prostitution. However, unlike prostitution, being trafficked is not by choice.

Human trafficking forces young women into sex slavery or as products, to be sold for sex. These women have no voice and the numbers rise with each coming month. We need to STOP this madness and HELP these women!

Recently, I attended an event at Edison State College on January 26, 2012 organized by a student at Edison College. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested, or who knows someone who is or has been involved in human trafficking to go to attend events and become aware.

Information and knowledge are power. Understanding human trafficking can make a difference and bring awareness to people around the community that may not have any idea this is happening in our backyards.

For more information on getting involved, click here to learn 8 Things You Can Do.

Beauty From Ashes is located at The United Way House in North Fort Myers, FL at 13279 N. Cleveland Avenue. Their phone number is: 239-939-9218.

Gabriela Diaz is senior at Florida Gulf Coast University majoring in Communication with a minor in Spanish. A native Florida resident, she is originally from Miami, and a volunteer for Beauty From Ashes Ministries. 

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  1. Congratulations Gabriela on all your achivements. Keep up the good work!!