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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nat'l Female Residential Program Resource, Expanding Strip Club OutREACHes & a Life Changing Volunteer Experience w/BFA


NATIONAL FEMALE RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM & SHELTER LIST:  Recognizing the need for a 'victim centered' continuum of care, for the past 9 months  Beauty From Ashes (BFA) has been developing a comprehensive resource list of national female residential programs and Southwest Florida shelters.  The working resource document currently includes 85 residential program/shelter's information, location, length of stay, licensed caretakers, websites, contact names, phone numbers, cost, etc.  It was distributed to over 120 national and local human trafficking agencies including task force/coalitions, law enforcement, shelters, and sex industry ministries in order to assist them with referrals and placement of victims of commercialized sexual exploitation and human trafficking.   The resource list will be updated and distributed regularly to an exclusive recipient list only.  (Due to the need to protect the locations that trafficking victims are being placed).  A huge thanks goes out to all individuals that worked on this extensive research project!  If you would like to assist in continuing research and maintenance of this project, please email Julie Shematz or call 239.939.9218. 

MONTHLY STRIP CLUB OUTREACHES EXPANDING IN FORT MYERS:  In 2003 BFA (before we were officially a not for profit) began doing strip club outREACHes in Fort Myers and across the state of Florida.  We delivered gifts to all the clubs in Fort Myers during holidays and in 2006 we believed God asked us to do something new.  We began delivering home cooked meals to a club that the manager told BFA founder, Julie Shematz, 'you can do whatever you want, you own the club'.  In 2009, God directed us to do monthly outREACHes delivering food and gifts to this club and it was a huge step of faith since we didn't have the operating funds to do such.  He has been faithful as a Provider and as we have been faithful concentrating on this club regularly we have seen numerous women accept Christ as Savior and leave the sex industry.  Last week after Julie dreamed about another local club and gun shots repeatedly, she knew it was an open door the next morning when she saw the news that two men had been shot and killed at this establishment.  That morning at breakfast it 'just so happened' that the Sergeant handling the homicide sat across from her at a local restaurant.  After introducing herself, he acknowledged he had heard of Beauty From Ashes, discussed the case with Julie and encouraged her that the door was open to do an outREACH at the club.  The next afternoon, she and a board member, delivered gifts to the club and were welcomed by the manager to come back monthly!  We plan on going there the second Thursday afternoon of the month, in addition to doing the food and gift outREACHes at our 'adopted' club the 2nd Saturday of the month.   Revelations 3:8 "I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my Word and have not denied My name."  Our next strip club outREACHes will be 2/10 & 2/12 and we plan on saturating them with the Father's love for the holiday!  

JANUARY STRIP CLUB OUTREACH REPORT:  3 women receive Christ as Savior and 3 quit!  For report & photos, CLICK HERE.

BIBLES & GIFT ITEMS NEEDED:  With the expansion of outREACHes we will be producing twice as many outREACH gifts a month.  Currently we are producing 25-30 a month & 15-20 care packages.  We are in urgent need of bibles, inspirational books, and gift items to be used in these.  Items do not have to be identical and can be mailed to 13300 S. Cleveland Ave., Suite 56-623, Fort Myers, FL 33907 or all 239.939.9218 to arrange for pick up.  To give directly to fund these items by giving online securely: CLICK HERE.  

I SAW A GREATER GLIMPSE OF GOD:  "Volunteering with Beauty From Ashes was an unforgettable experience...I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the God who loves unconditionally no matter what we have done. He is one who longs to heal, restore, and to redeem," Sara Karnes, The Hope Project.  READ MORE

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  BFA is run by all volunteers.  As our territory is expanding, we are in desperate need of competent & committed workers to serve in the following capacities: 

Administrative:  2-4 hours a week or more (Does not have to be immediate area)
Prayer Team:  Pray through specific prayer email blasts 
and respond to email prayer requests.  
 Locally, meet for one hour.
OutREACH:  Strip club outREACHes locally (Training required)
Gift Assembly:  Meet the 1st Saturday of each month &/or to ship care packages when needed
Social Media Team:  Moderate social media websites; facebook, myspace, twitter & youtube. 
Food Coordinator:  Liaison with community restaurants 
Mentors:  Fulfill Titus 2:3 with young women and girls that have been victims of commercialized sexual exploitation  (Training required)
Graphic Designer

If interested, please send email and resume to Steve Shematz or call 239.939.9218.  Application, references, and background check required for some positions.  

BREAKING FREE LIFE SKILLS & SUPPORT GROUP for former and current sex workers meets on Wednesdays from 1-3 pm at Barry University.  Free lunch and complimentary child care provided.  Registration required.  Contact Julie Shematz at or call 239-939-9218 to register.  

theCALL2XXX:  Join us weekly, locally and globally for prayer to abolish slavery and for the organizations reaching, rescuing, restoring and advocating for the victims.  Fridays 8-9am EST.  For more information and prayer guide:  CLICK HERE  

We care for you and have a team that prays over your every need.  
Now you can submit your prayer request via our website!  
CLICK HERE to send your prayer request.  


BFA MAILING ADDRESS UPDATE:  Our new mailing address is 13300 S. Cleveland Ave., Ste. 56-623, Fort Myers, FL, 33907-3871.  Please adjust your records accordingly and sorry for the inconvenience.  Our physical location has not changed and is still at Barry University. 


As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support of BFA's mission and the girls and young women we serve.  Our supporters make it all happen! 

In Him & His service,

Julie Shematz
CEO & Founder
Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries  
Where Victims Become Over-Comers

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