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Friday, April 9, 2010

BFA OutREACHes, Events, Needs, Requests & More

FORT MYERS STRIP CLUB OUTREACH: Saturday, April 10th 7-10pm. BFA will be delivering a home cooked meal of lasagna, baked vegetables, salad, bread & Sugar Momma cupcakes and giving away gift bags with beauty supplies, Bibles, CD's and inspirational books.

BFA on KJSL RADIO: Tuesday, April 13th 8-9pm CST. BFA Founder, Julie Shematz, will be a guest on Mike Dunn's Quest for Character. KJSL 630 AM

MIAMI PORN SHOW OUTREACH: Thursday, May 14 - Saturday, May 16 After 4 years of supporting & serving other ministries going into porn shows, BFA will be debuting our very own booth, Real Orange, in our region, at the South East's largest porn show. We'll be distributing Bibles, Magdalena: Through Her Eyes DVD's, Ian McCormick's DVD testimony and lotsa beauty supplies. We are in need of Bibles, volunteers to help with labeling beauty supplies, assembling gift bags and a Miami area church to host the Diverse Gathering, pre-porn expo evening of praise, worship and prayer open to anyone on Wednesday May 13th. For more information click here

OTHER EVENTS: Tampa Heal Me Crusade, May 6-8, St. Petersburg Gay Pride June 26, team meetings, porn prep meetings, weekly global prayer, theCALL2XXX & more, click here

OUR CURRENT NEEDS: Become a slavery abolitionist. Simple ways you can get involved. For more information click here

PRAYER REQUESTS: We have a team that prays over every request. To submit, click here. To join our prayer team, click here.

NEW WEBSITE: We launched our new website by FaithNetwork April 1st and we are adding daily to it daily. Check it out for the latest in domestic human trafficking news, trainings, etc., click here.

BFA E-NEWSLETTER: Sign up, click here

Thank you for your continued support. Together we are better and are making a difference!

In His passionate love & consuming fire,
Julie Shematz & the FREEdom™ Team

Beauty From Ashes™ Ministries
Where Victims Become Over-Comers
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  1. I totally agree that the Federal government should take a harder line on pornogtaphey, even when it involves depictions of adults. At the time the Miller v California decison was handed down by the united States Supreme Court, hard-core pornography was still disseminated to adults in a brown-paper wrapper, or available in adult magazine and video stores within particular geographic areas (does anyone remember "combat zones?", or in adult theazters. It was generally not readily available to children or teens (although I can tell you from my own experience that children and teens could still get at it) and even when softer-core porn(X as opposed to XXX) was available in neighborhood magazine stores and video shops, it was generally in a secluded "adults-onoy" area under the watchful eye of a store manager or clerk.

    The Internet changes the whole landcscape field in a way that goes far beyond anything contemplated in Miller v California. The key fact is that, on the Internet, there are no controls whatsoever (except those, such as SafeEyes, that are voluntarily put in place by the owner of the computer, and even these can be readily hacked through by a computer-savvy teen or child.) The overwhelming accessibility of porn has created a situation where over 50% of porn consumers are under the age of 18 (I have yet to meet a teen who cannot say "yes" when the website asks him if he is over the age of 18, and a drivers license or sheriff's id is not necessary for proof.)

    This is the basis on which Miller needs to be challenged, and greater scrutiny of the porn industry, by law-enforcement agencies, at the producer, distributor and website operator end end is crucial. Whether we accept this or not, pornography is no longer out in the street in "dirty book stores" and "combat zones." It's pouring into our homes, and that's what must be stopped.