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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beauty From Ashes New Website Launching 4/1/10

Out with the old & in with the new! Beauty From Ashes Ministries has undergone some serious revamping and improving.

Officially online 4/1/10, on the anniversary of Steve Jobs launching Apple (whooop, whoooop!) and in the middle of holy week....just in time for Resurrection's only NATURAL for us to launch the new & super improved BFA website! Then it occurred to me today that exactly 7 years ago on 4/1/10 I moved into my first apartment by myself after I had left the sex industry. I met my husband within 7 days at a local church I went to. Timing is perfect. The prophetic lover I am, I had to check into the numbers AFTER we set the date & of course, I'm not surprised....haha....God is sooooo cool!

4 = The earth (four winds, four corners), reign, rule, kingdom and creation
1 = Unity, God, beginning, first, rand, order, new
10 = Judgment, try or trial, test, temptation, law, order, government, restoration, responsibility & testimony.

Whoooop! Whooop!

The new site will feature videos, a media center, our improved vision, mission & purpose statement, lotsa artwork, resources, BFA testimonies, our Child of God theme song & CD, human trafficking facts, the BFA Sex Trafficking Restoration ~ FREEdom Project plan, budget, the FREEdom™ Children's Home Business Plan and MORE! We are making ALL our resources available & encourage anyone to run with the vision(s) God has given us and we don't even care if our name is on it! If they inspire you, take 'em, run with 'em and improve 'em! I am a visionary that casts visions & have come to realize others will bring them to pass! I simply CANNOT do it all & it's taken months & years of tests, trials & temptations to receive that message.

Our vision is for domestic victims of sex trafficking to have the opportunity to receive the comprehensive services they need & as long as it happens we could care less if BFA's name is on it or not.

Have fun checking the new website out (I LOVE IT ) & a huge thanks to FaithNetwork for developing it! Thank YOU for all your support in the past 5 years of being an official not for profit public charity (and before :+).
Together we have make a difference & will continue to do so!

Oh and Happy Resurrection Sunday! He is alive! Because He lives I do and we ALL have hope!

In His lavish love & consuming fire,
Julie Shematz
Founder, Beauty From Ashes

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  1. The new website and blog are SIMPLY AH-MAZING!!!! Glory be to God....!!!!!!! He will continue your gifts and faithfulness in the ministry to make room for you. This is just the beginning. Get ready for an explosive platform!