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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Superbowl is Hot Spot Offering Sex For Sale in South Florida

Super Bowl is coming soon so are the traffickers

Super Bowl is a big event for most Americans whether they are madly in love with football or not. This year, the national event will take place in Miami Florida, where people know how to party and have fun. Many people are currently looking for the tickets to attend the game at the very last minute. Tickets are sold for more than 1500 dollars a piece along with the tickets at an exclusive clubs and bars for late night party.

By the way, do you know what else is will be going on in Miami? Sex trafficking and prostitution of women and children. Experts are well aware that big sports event like this is always coupled with increase in sex trafficking and prostitution. They are particularly concerned that this year may be worse than others as Florida is a hub of sex trafficking and child prostitution.

You can argue that sex should be treated just like alcohol, a method of entertainment. You may even go further to say that sex industry should be treated like any other industries. But, here is the thing; the products, commodities, or the people who are sold in the sex industry are different from a bottle of Vodka or beer. They are human, not commodities, with mind and soul. Whether they chose to enter the industry or not, it is damaging to them in every way, and the damage lasts for a long time. They suffer through psychological and physical problems including, depression, insomnia, Post-Traumatic Disorder, distorted liver system, sexual organs, or even joint pain as a result of being a commodity in the sex industry. They feel the psychological and physical pain when the customer throws her away out of frustration, whereas a bottle of Vodka will be broken but with no pain suffered by the Vodka itself.

So, dear sports fans, I hope that you have as much fun as you can on the day of Super Bowl. But, I wish you do so responsibly. When someone offers sex in Miami, consider my argument and think for a second to see if you would want anyone to treat your sister, mother, or even yourself as a bottle of Vodka or beer– a thing that can be possessed, abused, thrown away, and trashed at the end for the sake of your entertainment just because you paid for it. You may not think that your purchase for sex will not change a bit about human trafficking and sex industry in the U.S., but you, by doing so, become another person to set a trend that a big sports event is coupled with increase in prostitution and sex trafficking in the future.

To check out more articles on human trafficking written by Youngbee Dale, visit Norfolk Human Rights Examiner.

Source: Restore. Minor grammar edits to original article.


  1. Totally agree. Well written. <3 to you and your family.

  2. Super Bowl weekends in Miami have been remembered for Vince Lombardi’s final game, Joe Namath’s successful guarantee, Lynn Swann’s memorable catch, Jackie Smith’s memorable drop, Montana-to-Taylor, Steve Young and Peyton Manning’s first and only Super Bowl championship victories. They’ve also been remembered for various off-the-field criminal activities — from Stanley Wilson’s late-night cocaine binge to Eugene Robinson’s attempted purchase of an undercover police officer for oral sex. The National Football League loves Miami as a Super Bowl site for its abundance of entertainment options and its warm-weather climate during a cold winter in most of the country. Miami brings nightlife fun whether on South Beach or in Fort Lauderdale that can be harmless for tourists and residents alike. However, a drive down Biscayne Boulevard at 3am can offer vices that even athletes preparing for the biggest game of their lives fail to resist.

    Miami’s criminal activity is not unique amongst metropolitan cities in the United States nor is its increased criminality during large sporting events (i.e. the Super Bowl, Olympics, or World Cup). Sex trafficking, however, is one crime more prevalent in Miami because of its attractiveness to potential buyers and its place as a hub for international business/immigration. Miami houses many immigrants (more susceptible to traffickers), both legal and illegal; some reside in unassimilated areas like Little Havana or Little Haiti, while others live in wealthy areas like Miami Lakes or Coral Gables. Business between US firms and firms in Latin America/Caribbean takes place in Downtown Miami/Fort Lauderdale which brings businessmen in and out of the cities on weekend trips with secret perks like massage parlors or street prostitutes.

    Many victims of sex trafficking in South Florida are homeless or runaway children who fall into the hands of child predators, pimps and traffickers. StandUp For Kids Miami identified 2300 homeless youth in Miami-Dade county alone. Contributing to that number are missing foster children that should be monitored by the Florida Department of Children and Families, but have been lost over the last decade (See Rilya Wilsoncase, 2002). Urban poverty also contributes to trafficking in South Florida in communities such as Liberty City and Overtown where citizens have been priced out of expensive housing developments and were forced to live in shantytowns as late as 2007. Regardless of their background, one thing is clear: These children that end up on the streets are immediately targeted for the commercial sex trade. For these reasons, Kristi House, Stand Up For Kids, and KlaasKIDS Foundation will be out in the South Florida community on Super Bowl weekend to bring awareness of potential trafficking to area hotels, businesses, and citizens. By raising awareness of such a crucial issue, lives can be saved. Hopefully, Super Bowl XLIV won’t be the only memorable event from this weekend.

    Source: Shared Hope International