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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Senate Hearing - In Our Own Backyard: Child Prostitution & Sex Trafficking in the United States

Watch the entire 2/24/10 Human Rights & Law Subcommittee Senate Hearing HERE

At state & local levels children are being arrested and prosecuted for prostitution, in conflict to federal law. Comprehensive services are desperately needed. Sexually exploited children are not criminals, they are victims and needed to treated as such!

Why Senator Wyden's S2925 Trafficking Victims Support Act needs to be revised: CLICK HERE

Watch Playground Video the hearing opened with:

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  1. Just last night I watched msnbc and they had a video on sex victims and it just grasped my heart, not only because of how terrible they stories were but because I believe the word is slowly becoming familiar with sex slavery and the terrors behind it.