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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 Strippers Interrupt Church Service

On October 4th, 2002, in the privacy of her home, Julie Taylor made the decision to leave behind a life of seven years of being sexually exploited in the adult entertainment industry. Two days later, Sunday October 6th, she and a co-worker attended the morning service at Calvary Temple in Indianapolis, IN. Watch for the two women at the end of the video to see Julie and her friend's very public re-dedication.

Julie Taylor Shematz is the co-founder of Beauty From Ashes, a not for profit public charity that provides assistance to victims of commercialized sexual exploitation & trafficking.

She & her friend (both out of the industry since) took a leap of faith & dove into the river of life! Countless others have been set FREE as a result of her courageous decision to commit her life to the Lordship of Christ since.

For more information please visit Beauty From Ashes Ministries

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